Teen Entrepreneur Classroom on Wheels

Our Teen Entrepreneur Classroom on Wheels was developed to be used by mainly school-going youth to inspire and encourage them to embrace a culture of entrepreneurship, and to demonstrate that entrepreneurship has the potential to address the disproportionately high rates of youth unemployment in our communities.

Developed in collaboration with the SA Teen Entrepreneur Trust, the Teen Entrepreneur Classroom on Wheels is designed on a space-saving, modular concept.  This compact mobile unit is incredibly easy to set up, and becomes a kiosk to sell food and drinks, but can also be used as a cell phone repair kiosk, or even a nail bar.  The unit is fitted with learning materials to assist users and their parents with information on starting their own businesses, how to market their businesses, as well as how to manage their finances efficiently.  It is also fitted with a solar panel which charges a tablet which provides additional entrepreneurship information.

Teen Entrepreneur Classroom on Wheels can be a wonderful addition for schools who promote entrepreneurship through entrepreneur days.

If you wish to purchase Teen Entrepreneur Classroom on Wheels for your school, or as a donation to a school or education institution, contact us today!