Cape Town Upcycling Centre

At Hands of Honour we partner with corporations, big business, and individuals who donate their unwanted goods to be upcycled, thereby creating jobs, while reducing reliance on our declining natural resources through the re-use of products and materials. Estimates are that R 17-billion worth of unwanted goods end up in South Africa’s landfills annually; waste which has economic and social value and is able to be re-purposed

The Cape Town Upcycling Centre addresses the following challenges in our communities:

  • Reverses unemployment through skills transfer.

  • The aesthetic improvement of run-down physical environments in communities using re-purposed products and materials which have been produced at the Upcycling Centre.

  • Provides a channel for the effective management of obsolete stock/recyclable waste, thereby minimising how much of it goes to landfill sites

  • Income generated from upcycled furniture is allocated towards developing mobile Classrooms on Wheels (COWs) for children in under-privileged communities.

Essentially, the Cape Town Upcycling Centre is able to sustain itself, and contribute to a greener city, create jobs, and assist with the reclamation of derelict urban spaces through greening initiatives and aesthetic improvements.

Winning ventures being mentored at Hands of Honour

We are a proud recipient of the British Council’s DICE Collaboration Grant.  As a result, we have collaborated with the UK-based ‘Living in Minca’ to project manage and host an Upcycling4Change Conference for 70 organisations which are operating in Cape Town’s poorest communities.


Our upcycled furniture range comprises an assortment of garden benches, as well as picnic and dining tables in a wide variety of colours.  We also produce built-in cupboards, wooden shelving, and customised cupboards and doors according to specifications.    

If you wish to purchase items from our range of upcycled furniture range, contact us today!